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Great news for 2019! It’s looking like a much more productive year than 2018. We won’t have the super intense retrogrades of Venus and Mars. We will get the usual Mercury retrogrades every 3ish months along with the outer planets, which go retrograde a few months out of every year. I don’t know about you, but 2018 felt like so many changes and course corrections combined with not exactly “getting anywhere”.

We start off the year with Eclipses! It’s not every year we begin with high-powered Solar and Lunar Eclipses to help us seal in our hopes for the upcoming months. The lunations onJanuary 5th and the 21st are a chance to open up our heart and mind to set intentions for the next 6 months. For more info on this make sure to check out the segment on eclipses in the January 2019 forecast.

Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn also support our cause since they are all three in their home signs. Mars enters Aries on New Years Eve, helping us to direct our focus towards goals and achieve them no matter what. Mars stays in Aries for the entire month, giving us the perfect boost of motivation.

It’s not every year that we have both Jupiter AND Saturn, two heavyweight planets, in the signs that they rule. Jupiter in Sagittariusis supporting us for most of the year, until December 3rd. Jupiter comes around to each sign every 12 years so we definitely want to take advantage of the opportunities and good luck that it brings to each of us!

Saturn will be traversing its home sign of Capricorn for the entire year until December 2020. During the year of 2020, Saturn in Capricorn leaves its mark by helping us build the structures we need for long-term success. Saturn in Capricorn loves conventional, practical thinking. It musters up the endurance we need to work hard and set a solid foundation. With Saturn in Capricorn I think about the building of the Great Pyramids, which have truly stood the test of time.

The next set of eclipses take place in July. There is a Total Solar Eclipse on July 2nd at 10 degrees of Cancer and a partial Lunar Eclipse July 16th at 2 degrees of Capricorn. Six months later on December 26th, there is another Solar Eclipse at 4 degrees of Capricorn.

Eclipses are special New and Full Moons where the Sun, Moon, and Earth are in such an exact alignment that the light is temporarily blocked off. A Solar eclipse is when there is a New Moon and a Lunar Eclipse happens during a Full Moon. These eclipses will be lighting up the Cancer- Capricorn axis in your birth chart. It is imperative to know which houses these affect so that you can best work with the energy.

Two major aspects for 2019 are Saturn sextile Neptune and Jupiter square Neptune.

Saturn sextile Neptune is a supportive theme helping us to channel compassion and empathy while we lay the groundwork for our lives. It has to do with recognizing our responsibility to contribute to our communities. Please don’t ignore any callings you have help those in need. Recognize how you may be more privileged than others. With this aspect we combine our hard work and perseverance with service. Saturn allows us to us practicality and reasonableness to accomplish make our dreams come true (Neptune).

Saturn is also making space for us to implement some self-discipline for spiritual practice. Saturn helps to keep Neptune in check by not letting it get too “spiritually materialistic”. The moment we think we are “spiritual” or ‘humble” is the exact moment our ego starts running the show!

Jupiter square Neptune is a bit more challenging that the Saturn sextile Neptune even though Jupiter is a benefic. The square always represents tension and a source of conflict that we have to work through with a fair amount of difficulty. This aspect involves the painful stripping away of illusions. It doesn’t feel good when we find out that something we believed in wasn’t real!

Jupiter square Neptune is a true test of faith. There will likely be a series of events that challenges your trust in authority or justice. There may be a collective acknowledgement that people in power have been deceiving us. Be on the lookout for fake news and/or a tendency to over-idealize yourself or others.

Astrology is about cycles. The purpose is not to invoke fear, but to mentally prepare. What is happening now is all apart of a larger them which is forever changing. These aspects do not last forever, but are here for us to grow from and utilize to the best of our ability. I hope you have a great 2019 and accomplish all you set out to!

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***Artwork is by @seamlessoo