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Before we get into November’s forecast, it’s important for everyone to note that nothing is “wrong” with you if you don’t resonate with every single transit that happens. Depending on the variation of our personal birth chart, some planets will be more influential at certain times than others. It’s also important to note that you may feel the energy of an aspect a few days before or after it’s exact alignment.

This forecast is meant to help you connect with astrology in a meaningful and practical way. When we know what the 10 planets are up to, and yes for ease I refer to the Sun and Moon as planets, we are able to understand what’s happening in our lives in a much bigger way. I don’t know about you guys but I definitely get bogged down with the details of my work and relationships, so if I can remember that there are other forces playing a role I can keep myself in check!

The month of November happens to be ultra- dynamic because three planets change signs and four planets change direction! All this means is that the stories in our personal lives and in the collective are shifting and moving on.

Venus Retrograde continues

As the month begins, Venus is still retrograde, i.e. moving backwards in the sky, for about two more weeks. She began her backwards motion on October 5th in the sign of her exile, Scorpio, where she spent the last three weeks. An increase in emotional intensity, neediness, and perhaps even power struggles may be likely since Venus’ purpose is connection and Scorpio’s dark waters thrive on intimacy and transformation. On October 31st, Venus switched back into Libra where she will finish out the retrograde portion of her cycle.

The second half of any retrograde tends to be a little easier than the first and consists of a lot of picking up the pieces of the first half. Venus is at home in Libra, which means she functions optimally doing Venusian-like things. You might feel like things are flowing a bit more smoothly.

Venus retrograde is absolutely a time of revising, repairing, restoring, and reuniting. Retrogrades are a GOOD thing because they force us to stop and reflect. We tend to be so goal oriented and future-focused that on our own, we might not take the time out. Retrogrades are often uncomfortable and seem to cause problems, but when we are aware that they are happening we can roll with it. So with Venus retrograde, these topics are up for revision:

·     relationships

·     healing past trauma

·     understanding any resistance to intimacy

·     increasing your connection to the feminine

·     redefining your idea of beauty.

Venus is a super important planet to pay attention when it’s retrograde because it is such a rare event. Ignoring it or suppressing the topics that arise do not serve our mission to evolve as powerful human beings.

November 7th – Scorpio New Moon

On November 7th, we have a New Moon in Scorpio. As always, a New Moon is a time for a new beginning. We set intentions for what we would like to bring into our life as we shed old layers. This particular New Moon in Scorpio brings us more in touch with our deep, emotional self. Make sure to set aside some time today for self-care. Self-care is often talked about in terms of long-hot baths, which by the way is absolutely a form of self-care. However, this particular New Moon begs us to take care of our deeper, inner self rather than our external, physical bodies. Maybe this means booking an appointment with your therapist, having a good cry, or simply sitting with uncomfortable feelings that you typically try to avoid.

November 8th – Jupiter in Sagittarius

Jupiter changing signs on November 8th is a big deal! Jupiter spends about a year in each sign, so when it does move on it signals that a new chapter or a new conversation is starting. The Great Benefic, will spend approximately one year in its home sign of Sagittarius. Jupiter functions much better in Sagittarius than Scorpio because it relates better to Sag’s fiery, optimistic, adventure-loving nature.

Sagittarius loves to expand the mind and learn new things. It gravitates toward philosophy and travel. Jupiter represents faith, good luck, and opportunity. So, Jupiter naturally thrives here. All of us will definitely notice a change in themes. Depending on which house Sagittarius sits in your birth chart, you will notice an increase in those topics for the next year.

November 15th – Mars enters Pisces

Finally! Mars is moving on! It literally felt like forever that Mars has been traversing back and forth through Aquarius. Due to its retrograde this past summer, it did spend an extraordinarily lengthy amount of time helping us to eliminate projects that were not meant to be. Hopefully we were able to redirect our focus to more appropriate avenues. Now that Mars is in Pisces, zipping through at its

at its normal speed, we can carry on with our goals in usual fashion. Mars is not quite as assertive in Pisces since it is a more feminine, receptive sign and Mars’ style is a little more aggressive. We definitely need to feel inspired and compassionate in order for the Mars part of our psyche to take action this month.

November 16th – Mercury Retrograde

Alas, we have another Mercury retrograde!! On November 16th, Mercury reverses its motion in the sky at 13 degrees of Sagittarius. If you have planets between 27 degrees Scorpio and 13 Sagittarius, you may be more impacted. Mercury retrograde is usually thought of to be the cause of every problem and something to dread. While I do admit that Mercury being in retrograde can be highly inconvenient, it is a time to pause and reflect on what we are saying and the direction we are going.

Mercury retrograde is absolutely a time to DOUBLE CHECK everything relating to communication. Right now is not the time to try and communicate via text or in any format where you may be misunderstood. Most astrologers advise to avoid signing contracts, travelling, or starting important projects during retrogrades. I don’t necessarily agree. I think if you do anything technical, you must prepare for setbacks or delays. Checking things twice will serve you well!

November 16th – Venus stations direct

On the same day as Mercury retrograde, Venus stations direct at 25 degrees Libra. We can all breathe a sigh of relief as Venus turns herself around and begins to move forward again. It will take her a few days to actually get going again as she is basically stopped at the 25 degree mark. She won’t clear her shadow until December 17th and next month we will continue to integrate all of the insights we gained.

November 22nd – Sun enters Sagittarius & Full Moon

Sagittarius Season starts off with a bang! On November 22nd, the Sun enters Sagittarius. The next day, it promptly enters into an opposition to the moon creating what we observe as the Full Moon. About three days later, it conjoins Jupiter. Needless to say, Sagittarius is going to be extremely highlighted this weekend.

This entire week is a perfect time to learn something new. Sagittarius’ symbol is the archer’s arrow aiming for the heavens. It naturally craves new experiences. It thrives on travel, higher learning, and basically anything FUN. You don’t necessarily have to go anywhere far away or do anything expensive to honor this transit. Jupiter and Sag are both known to be a bit excessive (think holiday shopping and binge eating pecan pie!). Some ideas for you are:

·     Order something different off the menu of your favorite restaurant

·     Try a new workout class

·     Take a different path on a nearby hiking trail

·     Try a new spiritual practice

·     Open up a book you have been meaning to read

·     Sign up for a new class

·     Find a non-profit to volunteer for a cause you really care about

Depending on where Sagittarius is in your chart and other planetary placements, you will be impacted accordingly.

I hope this forecast helps you along your path this month. This is a general overview highlighting the primary transits for the month of November. There are many other planetary transits and of course the Moon changes signs every 2.5ish days. For a more in depth summary of how the upcoming transits affect you personally, a reading with a professional astrologer using your birth chart would be essential.